To install, drag these links to your bookmark menu. You must be logged into Findka before using them.

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Installing on mobile
For iOS, see How to add a bookmarklet in Mobile Safari. I think the same process works on Chrome, too.
For Android, install URL Forwarder (also available on F-Droid). Then create two filters:
Request for apps
It would be nice if you could just install an iOS or Android app that would add these actions to the system share menu, so you wouldn't have to fiddle around with bookmarklets. Unfortunately, my time is limited, and I'm busy working on other things. If you want to make one of these apps, I would deeply appreciate it (and I'll link to it here).
For Android, you could just fork URL Forwarder and hard-code Findka's actions into it. For iOS, perhaps you could similarly find some open-source app that already implements a share extension.